The Battle of Alesia Based on the word of Julius Caesar

(Work in Progress)

Illustration by Lonnie Ralfs

Narration by Chase Moskal

Source code on GitHub

VERCINGETORIX has risen to power in Free Gaul

He leads the first united Gallic resistance against Caesar’s conquest

He enacts a scorched earth policy to slow the Romans down

He commands Eighty Thousand men

This is Gaul’s last stand

VERCINGETORIX retreats to defend Alesia, a Gallic hill fort

He orders his cavalry to attack Caesar’s marching column

They are beaten back by Caesar’s mercenary German cavalry

Dismayed, they retreat to defend Alesia

CAESAR encircles Alesia with camps and outposts

Caesar builds a chain of camps and outposts in an Eighteen kilometer perimeter surrounding Alesia

VERCINGETORIX attacks the Roman camps

A major cavalry engagement ensues on the plain

Caesar’s mercenary German cavalry aggressively push the Gauls back into their hill fort

VERCINGETORIX sends his cavalry as messengers at midnight

The Gauls in Alesia know they are trapped by Caesar’s siege, and realize this is their last opportunity to message for help

They begin to ration food and water carefully

They are hoping for a relief army to come break the siege

CAESAR doubles down on the siege works

[... more coming soon! ...]